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Detection of Sensor Net Connect and sensors

Launching of Thermoscan IP

Open Thermoscan IP. Launch the SNC software from the desktop icon and select the Sensor Net Connect menu.

If you use fixed IP addresses (DHCP)

  • Use the “Communication Mode” menu and select the “Fixed Address” option.
  • Click on the “New” button. The following window will appear.

  • Click on the OK button.

If you use a dynamic IP address (DHCP)

  • Click on the “New” button to start detecting the Sensor Net Connect.

  • The Sensor Net Connect on your network are automatically detected by their IP address or Mac address.
  • Click on the Sensor Net Connect line you want to configure.
  • Enter a name for this Sensor Net Connect (example: Laboratory).
  • Click OK and proceed to the next step.

Automatic sensor detection

  • When you have successfully added a new Sensor Net Connect, the automatic sensor detection window appears.

  • Click OK to begin automatic sensor detection.
  • As soon as a sensor is detected, the system indicates its serial number and requests that you register the sensor.

  • Click Yes to continue.
  • You return to the home page which displays the list of detected sensors.

Updated on 02/02/2022

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