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Download details on Thermotrack Online

When reading a Button, you can access 5 tabs: Status, Alarms, List, Graph and Note Pad.


The status gives you the details on the Button used and on how it has been programmed.

  • The icon PDF enables to print the graph.
  • The Excel icon sends the temperature data and the status in an Excel file.


They indicate the duration and the medium temperature of each period above or below the thresholds.

  • In red, the high alarms.
  • In blue, the low alarms.
  • In orange, the high or low alarms with a duration lower than the temporization indicated in status.


It gives the list of the logged temperatures.

  • In red, the temperatures higher than the maximal threshold.
  • In blue, the temperatures lower that the minimum threshold.

You can print the temperature in PDF or export it to excel.

Another table shows the number of measurements, the maximum value, the minimum value and the average.


The graph shows the temperatures and the minimum and maximum alarm thresholds.

Move the cursor on the graph and you will see the value, the date and time corresponding.

You can make a zoom on the graph using the mouse. Just select a start point in the high and left corner, press the mouse and go to the right and down corner. This zoom also adjusts the list of temperatures, the mini and maxi values, the average and the list of alarms.

To print the graph, use the PDF icon. You can then print the document of archive it. The PNG icon enables to save a picture of the graph.

Note Pad

The Note Pad gathers any type of information that users can enter to comment a mission.

Each time one reads a button, a record is added in the note pad together with the user name, date and time of the download, with the commentary entered by the user.

You cannot delete commentaries. Each commentary is indicated with the surname and name of the user, the date and time of the commentary.

Updated on 02/02/2022

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