IVY Sample and transmission rates

IVY dataloggers feature specific settings to preserve battery life

Sample rate

By default, the sample rate  is set to

  • 15 minutes for IVY Temp 2D et IVY TH
  • 120 minutes for IVY CO2

Transmission rate

By default, the transmission rate is set to

  • 2 hours for IVY Temp 2D et IVY TH
  • 6 hours for IVY CO2

Immediate transmission when in alarm

If the measured values exceed the alarm thresholds, the IVY sends its data immediately to Thermotrack Webserve without waiting for the next scheduled transmission. It continues to do this until the values return to normal.

It returns to the default operating mode as soon as the values return to normal or after 12 hours (whichever comes first).

Modification of sample and transmission rates

You can change these rates and unlock the field by clicking on the padlock. A password is required. Ask for the password, by email to Plug and Track support



Updated on 08/02/2024

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