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Setting a temperature or humidity sensor

In the “Settings” menu choose “Equipment” and “Add Equipment”.

Note : a piece of equipment belongs to a “Zone”. A Zone belongs to a “Location”. You must first create a Location and a Zone.

Enter the name of your Equipment and the type of sensor (temperature, humidity).

Then you have to enter the sensor parameters.

Serial number

Enter the serial number of the sensor. The 16-character number is written on the sensor. You can copy it directly from the Net Device Manager software. Open Net Device Manager and locate the sensor you are interested in.

Right click on the serial number corresponding to the sensor and choose “Copy”.

Go back to Thermotrack Webserve, place yourself in the sensor number field and right-click then “paste”.

Copy for Net Device Manager : 

Paste in Thermotrack Webserve :

Sample rate

Indicate the rate with which the Button will measure the temperature. If you increase this value, you will increase the possible duration of the mission.

High alarms, Low alarms

Enter the mini and the maxi thresholds for the alarms.


Enter the grace period for the alarms. An alarm is non-critical if its duration is lower than the temporization. In this case, the alarm will be displayed in orange in the list of alarms. Click ok.

Alarm reminder

Specify how often alarms should be sent back until they are completed. If you set for example 10 minutes, you will receive an alarm (SMS, email or other) every 10 minutes, until the temperature is back to normal (and until the alarm is justified, if you have activated the alarm justification).

After 10 reminders, the message sending stops.

Justification of alarms

By default the box “Disable alarm justification” is checked.

If you enable alarm justification :

  • Each alarm must be acknowledged by a user.
  • The alarm will be closed if and only if the following 2 conditions are met :
    • Temperature is back to normal.
    • The alarm is justified by a user (corrective action).
  • If you have specified an alarm reminder, you will receive reminders until the alarm is justified.

Warning : you will not receive any other alarms until the previous one is justified and the value has returned to normal.

Press the Validate button.

Updated on 26/11/2021

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