Thermal mapping with Thermo Buttons

The Mapping module allows you to check if your equipment is stable and homogeneous and to issue reports in accordance with the FDX 15-140 and ISO 60038-3-5 standards, which define the conformity test criteria for climatic chambers (warehouses, cold rooms, refrigerators, ovens, insulated boxes…).


The Mapping module is subject to the purchase of an additional license. Please contact your distributor to know the commercial conditions.

The module is installed with your Thermotrack software. Simply activate the license.

Enter the access code that corresponds to this module and to your Button reader. This code is different from the Thermotrack PC code.

Creat a new mapping

  • Click on the “New” button at the top right.
  • The window appears, in which you should enter the information specific to the Mapping (Name, Author, Procedure) as well as the buttons to be assigned (Number, Resolution, Measurement Frequency, Setpoint, Higher) and Lower). The setting values are the tolerance limits that must not be exceeded to achieve compliance.
  • All the Thermo Buttons for your qualification will be missionned according to these parameters. The date of the Mapping is given by the current date.
  • Once the fields are filled, click on ” Save “.

Mission the Thermo Buttons

You can now mission the Buttons that will be used for this mapping.

The mapping module can mission all your Buttons (up to 50), missionning them with the sale parameters and giving each one a specific name, corresponding the the place they are placed during the mapping operation.

  • Enter the name of the position of the button.
  • Click on “Mission” to program the Button.
  • Click the “New Button” to program the next ones.

Download of the Thermo Buttons

  • Choose a pending mapping and click “Download” to read the Thermo Buttons and get the mapping results.
  • Place the Buttons on the reader, one after the other, no matter which one you start with.
  • A first graph show the superimposing of all Buttons, so you can select which period to keep (keep a stable period)
  • Choose the period you want to keep, either selecting with the louse or entering the start and end dates
  • Then select “OK”

Assessment and Test Report

You get the complete report that states if the equipment “passed” or “failled”.

This graph shows the sensor averages with the EMTs. Values that you can find in the tab “Results Table”.

You will also find the graph where the graphs of the different sensors are superimposed (“Curve superimposition” tab).

The Qualification module automatically calculates (tab “Data”) :

  • The average, minimum and maximum of each data logger
  • The air temperature
  • The homogeneity of the environment
  • The maximum homogeneity
  • The maximum stability
  • The setpoint deviation (error towards setting)

The tab ” Calibration Info ” allows you to know if your Thermo Buttons have been calibrated and to know the validity date of the calibration certificate.

The “Notepad” allows you to create a customized report.

You can obtain the details of a Thermo Button by clicking on its name in the table located at the top right of the Qualification details.

You can also export all data to Excel.



Updated on 16/10/2023

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