Users (Administrators only)


This menu enables you to give access to Thermotrack-Online to other users (customers, suppliers, colleagues, etc.).

You can thus Add, Modify or Delete users

Add users

Enter the complete data of the user.

  • Profile :  Choose between Administrator and User. An administrator can carry out every kind of operation, including the right to add other administrators and users.
  • TB Net Connect address : You have to fill in this field only if the user has a TB Net Connect. Enter the MAC address of the TB Net Connect that will be used by the user. This address is indicated on the TB Net Connect and has to be entered in this format 00:00:00:00:00:00
  • Mobile ID : Thermotrack-Online automatically assigns an ID for each user. If this user reads the Thermo Buttons with Thermotrack Mobile, he can enter his ID in his phone to indicate that he has carried the downloads.
  • Login : Choose a login. This login cannot be modified
  • Password : Choose a password. This password can be modified later on.
  • Preferences : Choose the language, temperature and date format preferences for the user
  • Password validity : If you choose « Yes », the user will have to change his password after 90 days. His new password will have to be different from the previous one. We strongly advise this option to comply the standard FDA 21CFR part 11.
  • Rights : If you create a user, you have to choose the operations he is allowed to carry out. By default, the user has no rights. An Administrator has all rights offered by Thermotrack-Online
    • Mission a Button : the user will be able to mission Buttons and create new missions.
    • Read a Button : the user will be able to read the Button’s temperature data.
    • View missions of other users : if unticked, the user will only see missions that have been prepared by him or for him.
    • Delete missions : indicates whether the user can delete missions.
    • Create other users :  indicates whether the user can create other administrators or users.
Updated on 14/12/2021

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