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Using Thermo Buttons with Thermotrack Mobile on Android Smartphone and Thermotrack PC

Smartphone compliance

Your phone must have a Micro USB or USB C port and must support USB HOST, also called USB on-The-Go or OTG

If you already own a smartphone, go to Google Play and search for Thermotrack Mobile Edition » or click here.

If the « Install » Button appears, it means that your phone is compliant. If Google Play does not show the App, its means your phone is not compliant.

Install the application

Use this link to download the App (free of charge) and follow the instructions.


  • Go to « Settings ».
  • Select « Mobile ID ».
  • Enter the Mobile ID which you can find on the Access code document and press OK.
  • Select « Destination » and choose « Thermotrack PC ».

Install the synchronisation module on your PC

  • Open Thermotrack PC and clic the « Sync » icon.

  • A new windows is displayed. Enter the “Sync Module” access code provided to you AND the Mobile ID (must be the same ID you entered in your phone).
  • Clic OK.

Reading the Thermo Buttons

Plug the Thermo Button reader on your phone. Thermotrack Mobile App starts immediately.

Control of alarms

Plug a Thermo Button on the reader and clic the “Alarm” icon. The icon will be displayed in :

  • Green if the mini and maxi thresholds have not been exceeded.
  • Orange if threshold have been exceeded but not temporization (Temporization programmed in the Button).
  • Red if the thresholds and temporization have been exceeded.

Download and transfer

Data can be stored inside your Smartphone and transferred to the application you choose. You can check, print and archive data in Thermotrack PC. you don’t need to have a 3G subscription. Data can be sent by Wi-Fi when you go back to your office.

Mission relaunch

If you just want to clear Data and use the Button with the same mission setting, you can use the « Relaunch » button

Synchronize data with Thermotrack PC

You PC must have an Internet connection.

If you use a proxy, go to « Tools » and set the proxy details. Start Thermotrack PC, press the icon « Synch » and select « Thermotrack Mobile Edition ».

The next message tells you how many files will be imported.
The first file is displayed.

You get data exactly as if you were reading a Button from your PC. 

Thermo button download

You can archive your data, export and/or print them.

As soon as you close the window, the next file will be displayed, and so on, until the last one.

Please note. If you want to save the data on your PC, you must “Archive” each file before moving on to the next.

Data can be archived automatically when you close the file. See options in the Menu “Tools”’ of Thermotrack PC.

Thermotrack PC customization

Updated on 07/02/2022

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