How to program a WeePik

The WeePik datalogger can be used with Thermotrack PC V9 and higher.

Important note

Do not leave the WeePik in the middle of the reader. You could quickly discharge the battery.

Remove it from the reader as soon as you have finished reading or programming.

Programming a WeePik

Use the WeePik icon on the main menu

weepik menu thermotrack pc

The following message appears. Place the WeePik in the centre of the reader and press the “Detect” button.

weepik reader thermotrack pc

The following message appears. Press “Mission”.

weepik thermotrack pc

You have 3 tabs

The “General” tab to set the measurement frequency and start date

general setting weepik thermotrack pc

Temperature” tab to set the high and low alarm limits with time delay

alarm setting weepik thermotrack pc


The “Memory” tab, which lets you give this mission a name. This name will also be used to automatically create the file name when you save the recorded data.

memory setting weepik thermotrack pc


When everything is completed, click on the “Mission” button




Updated on 29/08/2023

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