Access denied

Error message

When programming or reading a Thermo button, you can get such a message :

Impossible d’ouvrir le fichier <C:\ProgramData\Proges-Plus\Thermotrack\V..\Thermobouton\xxxx.xx>

Détail de l’erreur système :

Access denied.


Ask your IT department to give you rights in the Thermotrack PC data base. It is by default located in :

  • V9 : C:\ProgramData\Proges-Plus\Thermotrack\V9\Thermobouton
  • V8 : C:\ProgramData\Proges-Plus\Thermotrack\V8\Thermobouton
  • V7 : C:\ProgramData\Proges-Plus\Thermotrack\V7\Thermobouton
Updated on 21/11/2023

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