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Error when missionning a Thermo Button



When missioning a Button, you get the following message :

This is a problem of rights in the data directory of Thermotrack PC.


Ask your IT department to give you write rights in the data base directory of Thermotrack PC.

This directory location is given the error message. By default it is : C:\ProgramData\Proges-Plus\Thermotrack\V8\Thermobouton (or V7 in you have Thermotrack PC version 7).

Important : do not mix up with Program Files (x86). The ProgramData directory may be be hidden. You should access that directory by entering C:\ProgramData in the Files Explorer.

Updated on 28/01/2022

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  1. Hello, what can we do if the IT department refuses to grant write permissions to this folder?
    Is there any other workaround?

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