Expert Module 21 CFR part 11

The Expert Module 21 CFR part 11 gives you the possibility to :

  • Give a login and password to each user and give then specific rights.
  • Generate an audit trial.
  • Create non violable PDF / A reports.


The Expert is subject to the purchase of an additional license. Please contact your distributor to get the terms and conditions.

The module is installed with your Thermotrack software. Simply activate the license.

Enter the access code that corresponds to this module and to your Button reader. This code is different from the one of Thermotrack PC.


Create users and give them a login and password.

Enter an email address used that will be used for password recovery. Make sure to enter a valid email address as there is no other way to get the password when lost.

Then choose wich function will be available for this user :

Audit Trail

The audit trail shows the list of all operations made by each user (who made what and when) :

Choose the period you’re interested. You can also print it, but of course, you never can’t change any of these records.

Updated on 27/01/2022

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