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How do I update the time on my FoxNet sensors ?

The date and time of your FoxNet sensors is not correct and there is a time difference of several hours.

Why aren’t my sensors on time?

The date and time of FoxNet sensors is determined by the FoxNet Controller to which they are connected.

It is therefore important that the FoxNet Controller is correctly synchronized with a clock. This is known as a time server or NTP server.

It is likely that your IT department has not enabled synchronization by default. You will need to contact them to set up the synchronization.

How to set the time of my FoxNet sensors?

You must allow the FoxNet Controller to synchronize to a time server (NTP server).
Go to the Controller’s web pages from its IP address.

Use the System Configuration menu –> Network Time

(As a reminder, the login is admin and the password is progesplus. You should not change this password).

Click “Enable” to enable synchronization with the NTP server.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Leave the Timezone Offset to 0. This parameter will be set by Net Device Manager software

You should now see the Synchronized UTC time

Set Firewall

UDP port 123 must be open to allow synchronization with time servers (NTP server)


If you do not have access to the Firewall settings, you can try to enter the IP address of the gateway used by the Controller. You can find the IP address in the menu System Configuration -> Network -> Gateway

Updated on 28/01/2022

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