How to read a sensor for calibration

If you want to calibrate a sensor with Sensor Net Connect or FoxNet  in your laboratory, this article explains how to read the values on your PC without using Thermotrack-Webserve.

A ) Install the FoxNet Controller or Sensor Net Connect on your Ethernet network

Important note if you are using FoxNet probes: do not install the batteries now. Follow the instructions and do not connect the batteries until your Controller has been installed and you are ready to add your sensors to Thermotrack-Webserve.

  1. Connect the Net Connect Controller or Sensor to your network (with dynamic IP address)
  2. Download and install the Microchip Ethernet Discoverer software
  3. Open Microchip Ethernet Discoverer
    microchip ethernet discoverer

B) FoxNet sensors only

Reset the FoxNet box by proceeding as follows as explained here

You must then link the FoxNet recorders to this controller

  1. Use the “System Configuration” and “Devices” menus
    link device foxnet
  2. The Unlinked Devices section contains FoxNet loggers that are not linked.
    The Linked Devices section contains loggers that are already linked.

C) Read the values

  1. Click on one of the lines to move a logger from one state to another.
  2. Click on the desired line. The information for the selected FoxNet Controller is displayed in your Internet browser
    home page sensor net connect

Read values from a sensor

  1. Click on the line of the sensor you want to read.
  2. Select the values you want to be displayed.
    Example below with a temperature and humidity sensor
  3. Choose Duration = 15 minutes and press “Begin”.

    Do not close the window, otherwise you’ll lose all the values.
  4. When you have enough data, press the “Download” button and save the file in CSV format so that you can read the historical values in Excel.


Updated on 22/04/2024

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