How to read data from a Sensor Net Connect ?

Reading data from the web browser

It is possible to read the data directly from the web interface of the Sensor Net Connect

Open the web page by entering the IP address of the Sensor Net Connect

(use Microchip Ethernet Discoverer to find the IP address if necessary)

The home page displays the list of connected sensors and the current value..

home page sensor net connect


If you click on one of the probes, you will get more details and some information that may be useful

  • Power Source : must be at 255 and stable
  • Health : Must be at 7

You can display the graph and save the data as a text file. Be careful, if you close the page, the data will be lost

detail sensor net connect


Advanced Configuration

Advanced Users Section – You know what you are doing

Advanced Menu

Allows you to view data in XML format

System Configuration

All of the following functions require you to enter a login and password.

The login is “Admin”. The password is “progesplus”.

Never change these values. Your Sensor Net Connect will not work with Thermotrack Webserve or Thermoscan IP

Network configuration

Allows you to change the IP configuration

Post Client :

Allows you to send data in XML to a server at a configurable frequency


Allows the Sensor Net Connect to be used with the SNMP protocol for monitoring an IT infrastructure.

The MIB is available on request

Updated on 26/04/2022

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