Installation of a siren


  1. Connect the siren to a 230V power supply.
  2. Connect the RJ12 cable to a free port on a Sensor Net Connect. You can use an extension cable of 3, 10 or 25 meters.

The Siren can be connected to any Sensor Net Connect, even if it is located on a different network than the sensor.

  1. Open the Net Device Manager software.
  2. Select the Net Connect sensor to which you have connected the siren and press the “Search for sensors” button. The serial number of the siren is displayed. Add it by pressing “Yes”.
  3. You can find the serial number in the list of sensors with Input A: 1
  1. Copy the serial number by right clicking.
  2. In Thermotrack-Webserve, open the configuration page of one of the sensors you want to associate with this siren and perform the following 2 operations :
  • Paste the siren’s serial number in the “Relay Input Serial Number” field.
  • Set the default value to 1 and confirm.

Note : you can associate the same siren with several sensors.

Adjusting the volume of the siren

The siren is wired to trigger both sound and strobe LEDs (depending on the power supply). It is possible to trigger only the LEDs. Open the siren cover, disconnect the red wire and connect the white wire.

Adjust the power supply to control the volume.

Type of Siren Connector used Power
Low sound Red 3 V
High sound Red 4.5 V
Very high sound Red 5 V
Low light White 6 V
Normal light White 7.5 V
Maxi Light White 12 V
Updated on 06/01/2022

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