Link a FoxNet and a Controller

If you want to link a FoxNet data logger to another Controller (e.g. a closer one), you must first disconnect it from the Controller to which it is currently linked.

Use the “Manage FoxNet” menu in the Network Devices menu and proceed with the unlinking.

It will be necessary to wait for FoxNet to communicate with the Controller. This can take a long time if you have sensors already registered with a sampling rate of several minutes.

To avoid this wait, make a FoxNet Reset with a paper clip that you gently push into the small found under the FoxNet LED.


The link between FoxNet and the Controller can also be made through the Controller’s web pages. In this case, proceed as follows :

  • In the Controller’s web page, use the “System Configuration” and “Devices” menu.

Note : the login and password of the controller web pages is required. The login is “admin”, the password is “progesplus” – Do not change these login and password.

  • Unlinked Devices refers to the list of data loggers not connected to this Controller.
  • Linked Devices refers to the list of connected data loggers.
  • EUI numbers are the serial numbers of FoxNet data loggers.
  • Click on the desired line and click on OK.
  • The logger is then placed in the list of “Linked Devices”.

Note : a FoxNet Logger can only be linked to one Controller. If you want to change the association, click on the corresponding line in the “Linked Devices” category and choose Yes.

Updated on 04/04/2023

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