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Link and unlink manually a FoxNet Logger to a Controller

It is possible to link or unlink a FoxNet Logger with a Controller without using the Net Device Manager software.

Linking a FoxNet Logger

Open the Controller configuration page in your browser

(The Microchip Ethernet Discoverer software can help you find its IP address)

Go to the “System configuration” menu and then “Devices”.

Linked Devices displays the list of associated recorders
Unlinked Devices displays the list of recorders that are not linked to any controller

Click on a line to change the status of the recorder from one status to another.

link foxnet to controller

To use a FoxNet logger on another Controller, you must first unlink it.

Follow the same procedure as for linking

The disassociation command will be effective the next time the FoxNet recorder connects to the Controller.
If the rate of measurement was 15 minutes and the recorder was connected 1 minute ago, it will take 14 minutes for the order to take effect.

Updated on 04/04/2023

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