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Setting up the sending of emails

In order for the software to send emails, you must first fill in the information requested in “Communication Mode”, “Email”:

  • Sender’s address : address of the person sending the email.
  • Recipient address : address of the people receiving the alarm email (addresses must be separated by a “;”) This is the address or addresses to receive the test email.
  • SMTP server : name or address of your SMTP server (server allowing to send mails).
  • Email account login : login of the email account allowing the connection to the SMTP server.
  • Email account password : password associated with the SMTP server email account login.

If you do not know these settings, ask your network administrator.

  • A Test button allows you to send a test email to check the settings for sending emails.
  • Click “OK”.
Updated on 28/01/2022

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