How to check calibration calculations

To validate the calibration calculations made in Thermotrack-Webserve, you can proceed as follows:

  1. Download the Excel file
    The file contains macros. Make sure you are authorised to use macros on your computer.
  2. Select a calibrated sensor in Thermotrack-Webserve
  3. Locate the sensor by its serial number on its Sensor Net Connect or FoxNet Controller
    (search for the device using the Microchip Ethernet Discoverer
  4. Select the sensor
  5. Choose
    • Duration: 15 minutes (or more if required)
    • Value : Temperature
  6. Leave the screen open for 15 minutes (Do not close the screen)
  7. Press “Download” and save the file in CSV format
  8. In the Excel file, select the tab corresponding to the calibration method used in Thermotrack-Webserve (Linear or Quadratic).
  9. Copy the dates, times and values from the CSV into column A, B and C “Values” of the Excel file.
  10. In Thermotrack-Webserve, select the probe and export the values to Excel
  11. Now check that the values in column D “Corrected values” match.
    Please ensure that the times of the values match.
Updated on 02/04/2024

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