Alarm sending settings

When you set up a sensor, you can specify which users will receive alarm messages, how they will receive them and the order in which they will be sent.

Use the “Alarms” button to select from the list the users who should be notified and how.

Select a user, double-click on the line to open the page showing all the probes visible for that user. Check the box corresponding to the desired equipment.

Alarm by Email

The e-mail address of the person must be entered in the user file.
The emails are sent by our servers.

Alarm by SMS

The mobile phone number must be entered in the user file.

Alarm by Pop Up

You can display audible and visual alarms on multiple PCs.

You just have to install the software TTW Pop up Client and to enter the login and password of the Thermotrack-Webserve user that will receive the Pop Ups.


Alarm by mobile phone Notification

Alarms can be sent free of charge to a mobile phone that has the Notification Webserve application.

Download the App by using the appropriate image below.

Use the same login and password that you use to connect on your computer

Reminder and cascading Alarms

If you specify an alarm reminder frequency, messages can be sent to a first person, then a second, then a third if the alarm is not closed after the reminder time.

In the example below, Mr BEL will receive the first alarm by SMS, then 30 minutes later Mr BELTRANS will receive a reminder by Email, then 30 minutes later Mr Bond will receive a reminder by Pop-Up on his PC.

Each reminder is also sent to the person at the previous level.

Note: A maximum of 5 reminders is possible. Beyond that, people will no longer receive messages.

Updated on 02/02/2024

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