Calibration of sensors

The calibration function integrated in Thermotrack-Webserve allows you to adjust the values of your sensors according to the deviations observed during a calibration certificate.

Thermotrack-Webserve will automatically correct the values according to 3 possible methods

Calibration by quadratic correction

If you have performed a 3-point calibration, you can choose a quadratic or second degree polynomial correction (ax2 + bx +c = 0)

Calibration by linear correction

If you have performed a 2 or more point calibration (maximum 5), you can choose a linear correction (first degree polynomial or ax + b = 0)

Calibration by Offset

If the calibration certificate was made in one point, all the values of the sensor will be corrected by the difference between the standard and the sensor

Entering the values

Simply enter the values of the standard and the sensor. It is not necessary to enter the correction (difference between the two values) Thermotrack-Webserve will do it automatically for you

calibration value thermotrack webserve

Important note:

The calibration uncertainty is not the difference between the standard and the sensor. It is not used to make the correction. It serves as an indicator of the quality of the calibration.

Calibration date and validity date

Enter a validity date for the calibration

30 days before the expiration date, you will receive an alarm to indicate that you need to renew the calibration certificate.

header calibration thermotrack webserve

Automatic import from CalibExpert

If you have done your calibrations with CalibrExpert, the data will be automatically imported into Thermotrack Webserve


Updated on 13/04/2023

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