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Calibration of a Thermo and Hygro Button in Thermotrack PC

The calibration module of Thermotrack PC enables you to correct the values of a Thermo or Hygro Buttons after you have made a calibration certificate.


The calibration module is subject to the purchase of an additional license. Please, ask your distributor for pricing and terms.

The module is installed with your software Thermotrack. Simply activate the license.

Enter the access code that corresponds to this module. This code is different from the Thermotrack PC licence code.


New calibration

Press “New” to add the calibration parameters of a new button.

Place a Button on the reader, then press the lens icon to read its serial number. The software will also recognize the type of Button.

Then choose the type of correction you want to make.


The system will use a 4th degree polynomial correction. In that case, you will need 3 calibration points. This method is more accurate and will also calibrate outside the first and the last point.


The correction will be linear between each calibration point. There will not be any calibration outside this first and the last point. You need minimum 2 points and you can enter 5 points maximum.

Calibration date / Validity date

By default, the calibration date is the current day. The default validity is 360 days.

The module lets you know the end of validity of the certificate. 30 days before validity, you see a message each time you read the Button that reminds you to renew the certificate.

Integration of manufacturer accuracy

You can Apply manufacturer accuracy. This means, the calibration will also take into consideration the accuracy given for the button and will add it to the correction. If your calibration certificate has been done the proper way, you don’t need this option.

Except particular cases, we advise you to keep this value to “No”.

Enter values

Enter the values mentioned in your calibration certificate :

  • Standard values (those measured by the standard probe).
  • Measured values (by the Thermo Button).
  • Uncertainty.

You can enter the name of the controller or a comment.

Press the “Save” Button and place the Button on the reader so that Thermotrack PC records the data inside.

The calibration values are now integrated into the button memory.

All readings will now be corrected in accordance with these values.


If a calibration has been made in another PC using a different data base, you can import the
calibration into your data base by importing from the calibrated button.


This function allows you to change the calibration data. Once you have adjusted the values, you will need to place the button on the USB Reader for data transfer.

Updated on 29/08/2023

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