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Database management Thermotrack PC

When you install Thermotrack PC, an empty database called “Thermobouton” is created in the C:\ProgramDataProges-Plus\Thermotrack\Vx directory (x is the number of the version you have installed – example: 9).

How do I use an old database?

If you want to use a database created with an older version of Thermotrack PC, you have two possible solutions

Move old database

For example, if you had version 8 and have just installed version 9 :

  • Copy the “Thermobouton”  folder located in C:\ProgramData\Proges-Plus\Thermotrack\V8
  • Paste it into C:\ProgramData\Proges-Plus\Thermotrack\V9

Modify data location in Thermotrack PC

In this case, you continue to use the old database:

  • Use the “Change Database” icon
  • Select “Connect to another database”.

select data base thermotrack pc

  • Select old version database


How to create a new database

From the “Change database” menu, you can also create a new, blank database.

  • Create an empty folder in the desired location.
  • Then use the “create a new database” option

create a database thermotrack pc



Updated on 04/12/2023

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