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Can I use Java for free with Thermotrack PC ?

Since February 2019, Oracle, who owns JAVA has changed its licensing policy and have announced that support of  JAVA SE (Standard Edition)  8 will not be free anymore.

Thermotrack PC is using the JRE  (Java Runtime environment)  version 7 which remains free.

You can therefore continue using Thermotrack PC without the need of purchasing any JAVA licence.

See the difference between JAVA SE and Java JRE


If you want to use an Open source version of Java, you need to add a PATH variable as follows :

  • For OpenJDK : C:\Program Files (x86)\Amazon Coretto\jre8\bin\server
  • For AdoptOpenJDK8 : C:\Program Files (x86)\Eclipse Adoptium\jre-8.0.312.7-hotspot\bin\client

For other packages, use the directory where the jvm.dll file is. This is the file used by Thermotrack PC.

Note: Use a 32 bits version, even if your are using a 64 bits computer

Updated on 27/01/2022

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