How to reset a FoxNet logger

Resetting a FoxNet logger is useful in two cases :

  • To link the logger to another Controller.
  • To force the logger to communicate without waiting for the next transmission (when the sample rate is for instance 30 minutes).

For this, proceed as follows :


  • Insert a paper clip in the hole.
    The LED will flash one time.
  • Keep the pin clip 10 seconds about, until the LED flashes quick.
  • Hold the clip for 5 seconds.
  • Then release the pin.


  • Open the device.
  • Locate the 2 holes named “RST” to the left of the blue contactors.
  • Use a pin to short the 2 holes.
  • Remove a replace one of the two batteries.
  • The LED on the center will flash slowly.
  • Keep the pin for 5 seconds until the LED flashes quickly.


You now need to link the FoxNet logger to a Controller (using Net Device Manager software).

Updated on 26/04/2022

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